Elica Ceiling Hood Guide

    S.E.I System

    Installing the ceiling range of models needs to be straightforward and safe. That is why Elica has introduced the new super easy installation system. With this system, installation takes just a few, simple steps in complete safety, ensuring both the product's aesthetics and the integrity of the false ceiling.

    Step 1

    Bring the product to the compartment in the false ceiling

    Step 2

    Push the product into the practical opening - The brackets hold the product in the false ceiling

    Step 3

    Tighten the screws to definitively fix the product

    Space Saving Installation

    For rooms with limited height, you no longer need to forego the pleasure of selecting an Elica hood from the ceiling range. In addition to the classic H30 version, models in the H16 version have been designed for use in lower false ceilings. They maintain the maximum useful height of the room without foregoing the performance of an aspiration hood.

    H30 Installation

    In the H30 models, outlets can be run from any of the 5 sides of the engine box, allowing you to decide on which side to attach the air outlet.

    H16 Installation

    For the H16 version, the direction of the air outlet pipe, whether to the right or left, can be decided during installtion.

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