Elica Features Guide

    Descriptions of all the technical terms for Elica hoods

    • Back Aspiration - Hoods with this additional outlet offer greater installation flexibility. The aspiration function can be done by connecting the hood ducting directly through the rear wall, avoiding the need for any visible ducting.
    • Dim Light - The brightness of the room can be adjusted at any time to adapt to the time of day or to what's going on at home. The dimmable LEDs always create the right atmosphere and reduce energy consumption.
    • Long Life Filter - Long life active carbon filter with an efficiency of up to 60%. It can be regenerated and keeps its characteristics for up to 3 years, avoiding unnecessary replacements and waste.
    • Revolution Filter - This filter is suitable for the most challenging cooking environments, given its superior ability to filter and purify the sir. The new Elica technology is able to achieve filtering efficiency of up to 82% against the market average of 60% and can be regenerated for up to 3 years.
    • Smart Installation - Elica thinks of every aspect of the product, taking into great consideration even the installation phase of a hood, be it wall-mounted, concealed, or an aspiration hob. Assembly and connection operations are simple and intuitive.
    • Special Material - Products designed in special materials and finishes with great aesthetic impact but also with product and durable characteristics - ideal for use in the kitchen.
    • Tune White - The ability to choose the preferred shade of light always creates the right atmosphere. Our range starts from a very warm tone, 2400K, to experience intimate and convivial moments, up to a cool daylight 5000K, ideal during the preparation of food.
    • Ready To Connect - Some Elica hoods are equipped with sensors and can connect to the SNAP device. If necessary, the hood automatically activates the SNAP to amplify its filtering power, or simply to purify the ambient air after cooking.

    Descriptions of all the technical terms for Elica Nikolatesla hobs

    • Airmatic - Once the Airmatic function is activated, the product's intelligent sensor system detects the quantity - but above all quality - of the fumes produced and sets teh most suitable aspiration power.
    • Autocapture - When it is important to focus only on cooking operations, you can activate this function. The aspiration system adjusts automatically to the number and power of the used cooking zones.
    • Bridge Zone - This function lets you merge 2 adjacent cooking zones, maintaining a uniform, constant temperature, even when using very large pans.
    • Pot Detector - NikolaTesla helps you save time and money. It lets you know when a cooking zone is on but not being used and turns it off avoiding wasted energy and automatically turns it on when it detects a pot.
    • Stop&Go - If you are interrupted whilst cooking, or you have to go into another room, or you just want a break, with just a single touch of the Stop&Go button you can switch off all cooking zones and walk away with complete confidence and safety. When you return a single touch will take you back to where you left off.
    • Temperature Manager - Your dishes will always be cooked at the perfect temperature when you use this function that lets you set the hob with three programmes (42,72 or 92 degrees). The temperature settings have been optimised for both very delicate cooking (mousses, sauces, keeping dishes warm) as well as cooking at high power (boiling).
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